Giles Dee-Shapland

Therapy Psychologist-PsychotherapistIntegrative Psychotherapist P. Grad Dip Psychology, Dip Integ Analytic Psychotherapy, Adv Cert, RSA Cert, John Heron V1 Category Analysis Cert, BSCHM, BACPM, BPSSM. Corporate Trainer & Compere. 


I treat the medical conditions which are listed below, I hold special interest in trauma and psychosexual disorder, I draw on my knowledge in Photographic Therapy, which my Brother, Benjamin (Ben) Dee-Shapland a professional photographer a graduate of the Bournemouth Institute of Art and my psychotherapeutic training, which expands seven constant years. Some patients have come to me, having tried conventional medicine, and have found they have allergic reaction or it just does not suit them. The patient may have been given a diagnosis, but may not have found relief. Others may be treated conventionally, but use Splendours of Hypnosis as an extra complementary part of their treatment.

Clinical Hypnosis is being increasingly recognised considerably as a powerful medical intervention it is now deemed a preferable treatment for some of the conditions listed below. There is exciting evidence of its effectiveness for stress related illness, which are touched upon within my corporate training sessions. However, these stress related treatments seem to be eliminated with a 97% success rate. My work as an integrative psychological therapist drawing on my expertise in Clinical Hypnosis seems to have a helpful effect with public speaking and interviews.


Since 1997, I have taken a positive approach to the challenges that social responsibility presents, and I have acknowledged solutions that not only address the behaviours of others, but also teaches responsibility to our selves. This will endeavour to have a positive impact on each member of staff employed by Giles Dee-Shapland, and adds value for each patient entering my business and its reputation for a positive treatment Every condition I treat has its own unique therapeutic style, as such I respond to ensure that any possible condition is treated with utmost confidence ensuring greater satisfaction.

It is my duty to ensure that all my patients that everyone involved with Giles Dee-Shapland therapy benefits from their treatment. I am committed to ensure my therapy prices are competitive, acceptable without jeopardising standards, confidentiality and service.

At Giles Dee-Shapland therapy, I am committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination and ensuring great service inclusive of environment, irrespective of age, gender, marital or civil partnership, colour, ethnic or national origin, culture, religion, religious beliefs or similar philosophy belief, disability, political affiliation, gender identity, gender reassignment sexual orientation.

I have considerable influence on the communities in which I operate.

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