With research taken by the Royal College of Physicians, the faculty of public health, and
the Royal College of Paediatrics and child health has learnt that in the United Kingdom
67% of men are over weight, and 63% of women who are also over weight, out of all of
these, they are medically considered obese. It would seem these trends are increasing as
time goes on, and that by the 2020, at least one third of all adults will be clinically obese.
These statistics are extremely worrying, and they do not seem to go away, as children
weight statistics have trebled in recent years.

The majority of weight control does seem to be conclusively down to overeating and a
lack of exercise, so come to SOH and let's identify what is happening with you, is it
secondary gain or clinical, as there is hope for you if you give yourself the opportunity.
However, there is no quick or fast tracks to lose sufficient weight; it may be down to a
lack of happiness in your life, and we can see what your motivations are and I can
accompany you on this challenging journey. I will be exploring with you, your diet, and
the amount of exercise you undertake, how much motivation you have to achieve your
weight target? Finally yet importantly, is your weight an achievable goal?

Have a listen to my radio interview with Pirate FM from 2006.