Simple binge eating represents a lack of control when you eat certain foods; these are
usually consisting of high calories and high sweet intake. I would teach you how to learn
to love yourself and get control back of your life. If you binge-eat you will tend to enjoy
what you eat, and that you may eat large amounts during your binge. Once you begin to
eat, you will find it difficult to stop; often the food is binged quickly. Simple binge
eating is often associated with activities such as watching television, reading or maybe


Research suggests that the bulimic binge is one of the core components of bulimia
nervosa; this condition differs from simple binge eating in a multitude of ways. The
bulimic patient will not necessarily enjoy what they eat. It is said this form of weight
management, for example, vomiting, enemas, hence why the bulimic bingers will be of a
normal stable weight. However, help is at hand if you are a bulimic binge eater, as this
has a psychological treatment plan, so get in touch with SOH.


It would seem this condition has affected 2 of the population and that it is
predominantly among women. However, it is known to be affecting young men as well.
This condition is quite similar to that of binge eating, but the differences are that patients
do not use excessive behaviours to rid their bodies of the food to maintain a satisfied
weight management. Consequently, these binge eaters are obese. I have a specialised
treatment to your conditions; however, I will need you to have a letter from your General
Practitioner (GP) confirming you are considered fit and healthy.


Are you experiencing Bulimia Nervosa which is considered as an Eating Disorder, which is
categorised by episodes of uncontrolled eating or hinging. This condition also influences
extreme and inappropriate measures to control body weight, and that you may have an
over valued perception of your body shape. You maybe a purging type where you
control your weight by self induced vomiting or laxatives etc. or you could be a non
purging type where you do not purge very much and you conceal your symptoms by
excessive exercise, fasting to prevent weight gain.


Are you experiencing this condition? This is considered, a very serious and life
threatening condition which is predominantly in women, however it is a male condition
to the ratio of 5 - 10 too. The condition maintains a body weight of 15 below that of
which is typical for that individual and height. You may have an intense wish to be thin;
however, in women you may have a cessation of periods (amenhorrhea) that is usually
noticed before the weight loss. You may have exaggerated ideas about your body weight
and shape; you may have a fear of being fat and a continuous pursuit to low body weight.


Society seems to be fixated on self-image and that we all need to be size double zero in
waist size. Please do not misunderstand me? I am not a 28-inch waist individual; I too
have had difficulties with my perception of my body. I have yearned to lose weight only
a couple of stone in weight, nothing dramatic. However, I am controlled anorexic and
did believe I had to be thin, so that I could be attracted to other guys, as the gay
community can be so fickle. I am not a body beautiful, but I have learnt to love me with
a average body and an average face. I did used to wish I was an Adonis, but with therapy,
as you will when you have made an appointment you will learn to love yourself and
appreciate 'we are what we are'.


Photographic Therapy is a novel psychoanalytical approach founded on perception. I
work with Benjamin (Ben) Dee-Shapland, yes he is my younger brother who is a fully
qualified professional University Graduate of Bournemouth Art Institute. Ben and I work
very closely together while he takes professional photographs of you, which you are
invited to purchase from him, his website is I draw on these
photo's where you can stand in your underwear be they boxers or briefs for men and bra
and pants for women. This may lead to nudity, however, that would be far more
advantageous, as all your masks will have been taken away and you will leam to love and
appreciate your inner beauty and allow it to shine outwards. This approach is not a
sleazy approach, but a serious psychoanalytical approach where you learn to accept and
embrace your perception of your body.