Self-Awareness is a wonderful journey of actualisation, as Carl Rogers (Humanistic
Psychologist) would say. Due to life as it is today, well-being seems to take a second
seat, where as wealth, being successful, and greed, maybe at the forefront of your mind and to
the detriment of you or others will take away from our well-being in the end. It would
seem some members of society would experience life-changing revelations. Our old
patterns of behaviour will influence us dramatically, which cause us to revise our
priorities, as our previous behaviours have affected our health to near death experiences.
Some theorists view these as signs of incongruence to our cores of spiritual beings.

Guilt is a human condition, and we all have a conscience, which does get pricked
occasionally by something we have said, a behaviour we have displayed, or even
something we ought to have done and we did not out of being ashamed, or fear of
reprisal. However, I am not hear to judge you, but I am here as a confidant to guide you
into exploring the why's and wherefores of what we may be feeling guilty about.
Sometimes understanding why we behave in such a manner is enough, other times it is
like opening a trap door to revealing a deeper understanding of self. However, this is not
my process, but yours the patient's and I will mirror you to offer you understanding,
analysis, sometimes you may feel challenged but this is all healthy and for the better of

Panic Attacks can go hand to a glove with guilt, as maybe we get so eaten up with what
we are guilty with that they cause a physiological manifestation, which can be explored
and hopefully eliminated with the skilled therapy SOH offers. Panic attacks, in my opinion,
are a sign that something is fragmented within. Once dealt with appropriately with self-
awareness, the patient will recognise and learn new strategies to deal with what ever
behaviour has instigated the outcome.

Now, I acknowledge this condition, I was never confident, and I have experienced with
extensive therapy, some good and some not so good, but I did learn how to hold my head
up and look other individuals in the eye as an equal. You too with SOH will explore for
what reason you have a lack of confidence in your abilities. Do not get me wrong, I still
have situations where I am not as comfortable as I am in others. I have greatly improved
and other people have brought it to my attention how confident I am now.

You may put people down, or treat them accordingly to make yourself feel better, now,
this behaviour is widely practised however wayward. Theorists have claimed individuals
who bully are sometimes bullied; this pattern is straightforward to revise and break.
However, this is not always the case, but do not dismay, there is always a reason for
everything, and everything has a reason, and with SOH, you will identify that reason and
move forward.

This seems like another disclosure, but at least you can see I have empathy. I was
diagnosed with learning difficulties in my mid training at university. I had a lack of
memory as a stem of my learning difficulties. With Clinical Hypnosis and other forms of
therapy I am trained in, I can identify what your learning styles are and teach you with
memory recall to improve your memory. I access with imagery, which draws on all
sensory components, I look at prior states and situational cues, which is a state contextual
memory, which I identify a suitable state within a safe place of trance. NLP, regression,
and revivification are all approaches that I draw upon with this condition. One does need
to be aware of false memory syndrome and memory deletion. However, do get in touch
with SOH, and let me assist you with memory enhancement.

As I wrote previously my condition of learning difficulties, it may be multi-faceted and
this is another of which I experienced under the form of ADD (Attention Deficit
Disorder). I have learnt strategies to work with this difficulty that was detrimental to my
education in schools and colleges and to a great extent university. However, I got there
and now I am in central London assisting those who are where I once was. I was given
up upon and left to draw pictures; now my concentration has greatly improved with
cognitive approaches and sub-conscious intervention with clinical hypnosis.

This is a condition the late King George Vl experienced, (the present Queen Elizabeth
II's father). Unfortunately, there was not much reputed wide spread assistance he was
able to draw upon at that time. His wife. Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother)
assisted by helping him with his confidence and nerves, which are a huge element to this
condition. Stammering is referred to as stuttering in the United States and Australia,
however, there are 450,000 adults in the United Kingdom and 3 million in the U.S. and
45 million in the world, so do not fear, you are not alone. Clinically this condition is
known as Dysphemia, which is a disorder of fluency that covers a wide range of
behaviours, such as the sense of feeling blocked and the loss of control over announcing
certain words and phrases.

Individuals who experience this condition also have difficulty with long pauses in
between their sentences. This condition seems to develop in children between the ages of
2 and 5 years of age. Approximately 5 to 10 of children stammer, this percentage drops
as the child ages. More men than women stammer to the ratio of 5 to 1 and there is
also 20 greater chance of a relative stammering if one is related to someone with a
speech problem. There are no special or impossible words or sounds for stammerers,
only those who have become feared. However neurologically, the brain scans are
considered normal when the patient is not stammering, however, when the patient is
stammering while experiencing the scan; there is a higher than normal activity in the