The unconscious is a wonderful and marvellous component of the human brain-
However, I hear you ask, how do you communicate with your unconscious? Well, like
anything, it is easy when you know how. The fully qualified therapist and I say fully
qualified, because there are many unscrupulous individuals in our society, who do not
have one qualification in this field, so be aware and inquire!

As I was saying, when the therapist encourages you the patient to drift, in to trance, the cognitive conscious mind takes a back seat. Therefore, the unconscious moves forward in place for therapeutic conversation. This may take place via NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) or verbal questioning, unconscious writing, dream analysis, and art therapy. I am fully equipped in all these models to assist you in accessing information for the better of you.

The patient may experience an Abreaction (An emotional release). This may take many forms of release, such as laughing, crying, shouting, shaking and contorted facial expressions; these are all fine, and I am highly trained to work with these symptoms appropriately and safely for the better of you the patient. While working therapeutically with the unconscious, I would identify what took place recently or in the past to influence certain behaviours which you have identified you would like to revise or change.