Do you have any unresolved traumas in your life, I am sure you do, when I was in
therapy, which lasted years, I thought I was truly messed up, and then I gradually
unravelled a couple of traumas or issues that were associated to them. Often I would
visualise all my different difficulties throughout my life that were still having detrimental
impacts. I viewed them like a brainstorming or mind mapping effect; one issue had five
stems of other issues stemming off them, before I knew what was going on, I felt I was
like an oak tree with numerous branches and twigs. All these associations had
connecting thoughts and feelings, which are now resolved, due to many hours, months
and years of personal work.

In my opinion, a trauma does not necessarily mean you have been raped, or a death or
something that is to that extent. Please do not get me wrong, I am not trivialising
anyone's difficult experience, I am suggesting that each and everyone has experienced a
traumatic time, which may still have detrimental impacts on your life, and the traumatic
experience would require defusing in an appropriate, caring and supportive environment
that SOH believes is necessary. I work with many types of trauma work, such as, the
London Bombing, Physical, Emotional, Sexual, Psychological Abuses, these may entail
rape, bullying, everything and anything. I am extremely open minded, and nothing
ever shocks me. So please contact SOH, I can only urge you to drink the water from the
trough of inner knowledge, but the horse needs to drink for itself. I can only lead you
to the water but i can not force you to drink from the fountain of inner knowledge