Do you feel homy all the time? Do you try to get sex as often as possible? Are you
signed up to loads of online cruise sites and spend hours beyond physical capability
sitting at your computer until you manage to meet someone who maybe able to feed your
sexual appetite? Have you found that you miss work because of the height of sexual
frustration pulsating through your body? Do you masturbate more than
you consider acceptable? Do you feel you are just having too much sex, or maybe you
are completely from the other extreme, and you feel you cannot face sex?

A survey concerning homosexual men, researched 1 in 10 men or 10 percent of men have
more than 30 partners in one year. However, being addicted or you have a sexual
compulsion to have lots of sex. Is not about having a lot of sex (Nymphomania) or being
promiscuous (different sexual partners). The true definition is you have constant
thoughts of sex and that you are unable to control these thoughts or impulses to have it as
well as finding it hard to curb your sexual appetite.

Medically, I would have thought steroids would increase your sex drive and then some
men may find they get too homy for comfort. On the flip side of the coin, some men do
notice a decrease in their sexual drive, there is no hard and fast rule for this type of
medical intervention. My advice is to see your General Practitioner (GP) and let him/her
diagnose you first before you venture into unknown territory for treatments of this nature.
However, if you are taking steroids, once you seek medical advice, and you reduce your
steroid intake you will notice your sexual drive may return to normal. Although some
notice that their sex drive can drop until their body produces its own testosterone level
again and returning it to normal function.

If you feel you may have a difficulty with sex, answer these questions before you make
an appointment for clinical hypno analytical psychotherapy concerning your condition:

Have you noticed you feel you need to have increasingly more sex before you become
sexually satisfied?

Have you noticed that you are less careful where you perform your sexual exploits, even
to the detriment to your health?

Have you noticed your sexual appetite increases when your stress levels are raised, and
then use it for escapism?

Are you spending exaggerated periods of time looking for or having or recovering from
your sexual behaviour?

Have you noticed that you exert more energy towards your sexual behaviour than you
would towards any other area of your life?

Are you noticing your sexual behaviour is costing you more financially?

Is your sex life monopolising your friendships or interfering with your employment?

Have you been legally reprimanded (arrested or cautioned) by the police for having sex in

Research has found that men who may be addicted to sex, do not become a sex addict
overnight, in fact it develops over a varied amount of time. It would seem some men
who have or are addicted to sex drift from one addiction to another throughout their lives,
this maybe considered as an addictive personality. Compulsive masturbation
when young can trigger off a behavioural pattern of this nature and that it could escalate
to obsessions with porn magazines and internet pornography. Addiction to sex seems to
be closely related to that of alcohol abuse and maybe other recreational drugs.

An interesting question I am asked in therapy is why does someone get addicted? In my
opinion, the answer is multifaceted. However, it may be relative to low self-esteem, and
that it feeds a need of feeling accepted and wanted. Some individuals use sex as a form
of escapism from dealing with their emotional problems. Some theorists suggest that
men who are addicted to sex are often victims of sexual abuse or have been emotionally
abandoned in their past.


However, I do treat this condition; you are able to visit your (GP) General Practitioner
who will refer you to me or another specialist. The fact you have found my website, I
would urge you to contact me where I will have the experience to explore your addiction
or concern thoroughly and appropriately will defuse the relative experience or trauma that
may have triggered it in the first instance. My treatment will be a cocktail of therapy
strategies from talking therapies to clinical hypnosis. I will teach you new cognitive
strategies to revise old behaviour patterns; this will influence you in moving forward in
your life as a happier individual.