I, as your therapist, will teach you the patient how to enter trance safely. The period of
trance is flexible ranging in time between 10 and 15 minutes. You would have
instruction to enlighten yourself you are entering this form of altered state. Being
comfortable is highly important, however, this is possible to maintain throughout the
trance, it is perfectly okay, to move around on your chair, therapy couch, lie on the floor
or even on your bed until you can acknowledge and feel completely comfortable in the
position you're in; this will be fully encouraged by the therapist.

I encourage all my patients to close their eyes, as my patients; in my opinion will enter
the suggested state earlier. I have found in my experience of self-hypnosis that I enter
trance almost immediately, however, entering trance gradually or instantly will range
with each individual. There is no hard and fast rule of how quickly one must enter
trance, this is the beauty of self-hypnosis, it is your time, and you can enter your space
(your time of relaxation and safety) as frequently as you desire. You will then be taught
an instruction of how to enter your inner world. I advise all suggestions are positive and
simplified, however, it is advantageous to acknowledge what you would like to achieve
while in this state. Once you have suggested what you would like to achieve, you then
will bring your self out of trance and carry on your daily work.