In the middle ages, in the Royal Realms of Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth 1st (The
Virgin Queen), Hypnosis was considered like many spiritual theories, other than that of
the Roman Catholic religion, to be considered black magic. An ancestor of my family Dr
John Dee circa 1527 - 1608 practised forms of hypnosis, which was misinterpreted by
society through fear of not understanding what exactly was taking place. Dr John Dee
was more acknowledged for his work as an alchemist where he predicted the length of
Queen Elizabeth 1st s Reign and foreseen through spiritual and scientific means the
Armada (Spanish War). Dr John Dee also believed he could raise spirits from the dead,
which in my opinion, did not do Clinical Hypnosis or any other science of that age to date
any justice.

In my opinion, hypnosis is the science of psychology, which does draw on psycho-
spiritual intervention, where the therapist will attempt to influence the perception of self
in a positive manner. Some theorists suggest that hypnosis is a form of placebo effect,
however, placebo or not; the said therapy does have extremely positive conclusions to
health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and surgery to name just a few. press releases