Splendours of Hypnosis

"39 year old Lucy is a lesbian. She works in a canteen in a hospital. She's been married to her partner for ten years. She is very frumpy. Her head is down. Her voice is quiet.There is no eye contact on her part. She seems very deflated, very unhappy in her skin. She's been diagnosed bulimic. The truth is she's not able to talk to people," says her case history. Lucy has been suffering with the 25 years depression. Top psychologists, counsellors, psychiatrists around the world were not able to help."I specialize in psycho-sexual disorder and trauma but I am able to treat many other conditions from phobias to weight control, well- being to corporate training," says Giles Dee-Shapland, a Practitioner Consultant in hypno-analytical psychotherapy at Harley Street. Lucy, who was his patient for under 2 months, is now cured of her multiple conditions.

"Clinical hypnosis is getting more and more popular" explains Giles." Medications don't always help because they alter the chemical balance but doesn't solve the cause. It desensitizes the body but doesn't heal the patient from depression and that's why you're going to see someone like me".

So what exactly is clinical hypnosis and how does that work? It is a psychological phenomenon where the therapist communicates with the subconscious, which in turn influences the conscious mind. Because there is no rationality with the subconscious mind it takes on board the suggestions the therapist makes. Thus owing to clinical hypnosis you can alter your behaviour.

"Hypnosis is a wonderful feeling. It's very gentle, very safe. I thought I was going to be depressed for the rest of my life," says Mark, one of Giles patients, who has been assisted in his coming out process. But it's not only depression that can be worked with under hypnosis. In Giles's professional leaflet you will find such services as quitting smoking, self awareness, psycho sexual disorders, regression, phobia deletion i.e. spiders, water, heights, flying, insomnia, eating disorders, anxiety, pain relief.

Each session lasts an hour, unless you're giving up smoking, then it's an hour and a half. The whole process is simple: The patient calls, gives an idea of a condition and makes an appointment. Then the condition is discussed, the therapy scheduled. Giles writes a detailed case history, makes the patient comfortable and directs him/her into a trance. The therapy ranges from one to eight sessions. There's 97% therapy success rate.

"It does surprise me how underestimated this wonderful phenomenon is, when it's been going for over a 100 years, when Freud acknowledged it" says Giles, believing in its enormous potential. With stress related illnesses being so common nowadays, this type of therapy is not only assisting in health but in the corporate world too. Giles Dee-Shapland has a Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis. He is a member of British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, trained in an Advanced Certificate in integrative psychology, member of Royal Society of Art in Counselling Psychology; He was awarded John Heron VI Category Analysis Intervention by Plymouth University. Afill member BACP & NHS NO: 8GY82. Giles Dee-Shapland is a member ofLGBT. For Appointments Tel: 07891 083159