My name is Giles Francis Stretton Dee-Shapland; I was raised in the west country of England, and have lived there for the majority of my life to date. I have travelled around twenty-seven countries and lived in America, Australia, and South Africa. I returned to England in 2004 to resume and complete my training in Clinical Hypnosis with Psychotherapeutic Intervention with L.C.C.H. (London College of Clinical Hypnosis) and the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth where I was training in Integrated Counselling Psychology Diploma level.

Giles Francis Stretton Dee-Shapland

I have now completed my training in Clinical Hypnosis and I am now qualified to Practitioner standard. I have dedicated ten years of my life to train, and I have had the opportunity to work through my own personal struggles and difficulties and have successfully leant positive coping strategies in understanding how to work with awkward circumstances for the better of me and those around me.

I have moved to Central London where I work as a Practitioner Consultant in Hypno-Analytical Psychotherapy based from Harley Street adjacent to Oxford Circus. Harley Street is the worldwide centre of excellence in medicine and therapeutic intervention for the better of patient's wellbeing. I work from home as well in Chelsea, where I specialise to a very high standard in Trauma and Psychosexual Disorder. The majority of my patients are gay men; however, my practice is open to all members of society, homosexual, heterosexual or transgender.

I am an N.H.S. (National Health Service) Practitioner, where other professionals are able to refer patients to my specialised services. I have drawn on my hypnotic skills for the benefit of myself for dentistry, as well as pain relief. I am qualified to teach and guide each patient to minister, under my supervision, treatment to themselves, just as I have successfully done with my self. My code of ethics, which I work with closely, enables me to work with all members of society and each patient regardless of gender, age, creed, religion; each patient will be treated, just as I would like to be treated, with understanding, compassion, sensitivity, and honesty. If any patient feels they have been treated differently, I would urge them to speak with me privately and appropriately, to resolve any issue that may have arisen.

I have a B. S. C. H. (British Society of Clinical Hypnosis) membership and I am bound by the code of conduct of B. A. C. P. (British Association of Councillors and Psychotherapists) offering a safe, confidential and self-nurturing environment in which to gain personal growth. Should you decide to undertake the therapies I offer, you will find me down to earth, and solution focused.

I draw on my clinical hypnosis with analytical psychotherapy and my training in integrative counselling psychology, I treat problems in children (accompanied by a parent or guardian) and adults. The patient is always in control and works in partnership with me the Practitioner Consultant. The therapy involves a number of sessions, up to four sessions when the treatment is in depth. Audio cassettes are available on request prior to the session commencing.