Do you suffer with lack of sleep in the depth of night? A number of individuals
experience insomnia in adulthood, 30 in total. I believe there is a reason for this; it
could be physiological, please do not worry about it, as if you worry too much, it may get
worse, as my favourite phrase states, there is a reason for everything, and everything has
a reason, and we will identify it and treat it accordingly. Your condition could be any
number of these. Transient, Insomnia, this means you experience it for short periods,
usually due to stress or jetlag or maybe bereavement. Secondary Insomnia means you
have another condition that could be related to depression, pain, drug abuse or maybe

Primary Insomnia can be of an unknown origin that I could explore with you. It would

seem Insomnia could reveal its self in a few guises, such as sleep difficulties, you may
experience lying in bed and find you cannot drift off to sleep, or you may find they
experience intermediate sleep difficulties that cause you to awaken you mid night and
you may notice you cannot drift off again. Alternatively, you may experience early
morning awakening and find you cannot return to that slumber.


I think this is a condition that we all may experience at some point in our lives, and I
know more than anyone, if I am sharing a room with a snorer, that will mean I will not
get much sleep that night. However, now since I have trained in this field, I can sleep
sounder. You may snore because you are overweight; you have smoked or drunk more
than usual that night, lying on your back over night or even because you have a thick neck. There are
cognitive treatments SOH can suggest to you, and treatment for your partner to receive if
they feel they require assistance in this area.