It would seem that 45% to 58% of patients attending for dental treatment will exhibit
symptoms of anxiety within the surgery or prior to the treatment. This can be a huge
factor of why 5.5 million individuals experience a dental phobia, so get in touch with
SOH and we can nip your phobia in the bud and you can maintain good health without it
becoming an over anxious experience.


Research has identified hypnosis is helpful with hypno-birthing (obstetrics). Some
women have commented that they have experienced a pain free labour when drawing on
hypnotic intervention. The women concerned stated, they could feel the contractions, but
it was not painful. I would suggest 2-3 sessions of hypnosis towards the end of your
pregnancy, and if the patient would feel comfortable, I can be present at the birth
administering hypnotic suggestions assisting with eliminating the physical pain of giving
birth. I am happy to administer streamlined treatments in the form of a relaxation cassette,
which you could listen to every day in between sessions up to the stage of your labour. I
am happy to work in a group setting if arranged prior to the day of therapy, if you have
other expectant mothers wishing to accompany you in this journey.


Not an easy chapter to scribe, as I feel it hits everyone's heart, however SOH can help
you. Pregnancy loss sometimes is called miscarriage or spontaneous abortion.
Clinically, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommend the term
miscarriage be used. However, miscarriage usually refers to the loss of the baby before
the pregnancy term enables the baby to be born alive. It would seem many women lose
their babies toward the end of their pregnancies. Pregnancy loss affects between 10
and 20 of all pregnancies each year, approximately 50,000 women.


This is a very painful condition 15 of the population experience this very painful
condition. It can last for many years without any deterioration to your health. 25 of
you who experience this painful condition will not come for assistance with your
condition, because you may be too embarrassed. So please get in touch with SOH and I
can help you with treatment under hypnosis.