Patient Feedback

I met Mr Dee-Shapland at a very low point in my life. In fact I was working
in a very busy restaurant, silently sobbing as I was filling a drinks
machine. He took me aside and I for some reason told him about my feelings
of crippling sadness, hopelessness and of an eating disorder that had a
crushing hold on me.

He told me that my life didn't have to be so hard, that there was a better
and more loving life for me, I just had to learn how to access it. After 20
years of cognitive therapy I was extremely sceptical and to say the least resistant to Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.

Months later when nothing had changed for me and I was exhausted with trying
to function on a daily basis. I called Mr Dee-Shapland.

After just the first session I actually felt myself breathe. Just feeling
the oxygen flowing through my body was incredible, where as before I was so
shutdown nothing could move.

Within a short time I had built a very strong trust of Mr Dee-Shapland. He
guided me through some very personal and traumatic experiences, with both
compassion and professionalism.

The work was hard physically and mentally, but so necessary in my recovery.
I found that I learnt as much from the assignments he set me as I did from
the actual sessions.

This was all over a year ago now and I have grown and learnt how to cope. I
will always have the tools that Mr Dee-Shapland taught me. They are there
whenever I need them. I believe that my treatment has had an huge impact on
my personal relationship and I have since married my partner of 10 years.

I have gone from a person with no self worth, no confidence and a feeling of
no way out, to someone who has gone back to school, started a career at the
age of 40 and who care enough to take care of herself. I have a good life!

Thank you Giles.


Hi Giles

‘With Giles’s help I could begin to look more honestly at my relationship with my parents and so begin the journey of family healing. Hypnotherapy put me in touch with a dark place and difficult memories that I wanted to hide from. By contacting my inner child it was possible to acknowledge pain and feel compassion for myself and others. I returned from the last session feeling that I had let go of unhealthy attachments to the past and so was more ready to begin to embrace the present. I felt younger, lighter and more free than I had felt for a long time.’

Janine Nixon